Counter-Strike Analysis

Topics: First-person shooter, Counter-Strike, Video game genres Pages: 8 (3261 words) Published: October 30, 2008
Never before has a multiplayer game blended all elements of true competition and sweat-soaked shirt anxiety as well as Counter- Strike. Counter-Strike is a tactical first-person shooter video game which is based on a team of counter terrorists against a team of terrorists battling in series of rounds, with rounds lasting four or five minutes, won by either completing a mission objective or eliminating the opposite force. Counter-Strike grew from a fun diversion into a way of life, creating rhetorical communities that include gamers and people seeking non-stop action in street style combat. Counter-Strike reveals a fantasy theme that revolves around terrorism and counter-terrorism. Most certainly, this fantasy theme is a part of the fantasy type that argues Good vs. Evil. In this paper, I will thoroughly describe Counter-Strike and identify the rhetorical communities that utilize the fantasy theme connecting it to similar fantasy themes or fantasy types. I will also be including or referring to only one map called “Mansion” as the setting, since I am really familiar with it. Description

Counter-Strike, better known as CS, puts the player in a role of either a terrorist attempting to hold hostages, blow up land marks, or assassinate a VIP or a counter-terrorist agent trying to thwart the terrorist. To play, each player must connect to a server; when two or more players join the same server a game begins. A player can choose to play as one of the eight different default character models, four for each side. All counter-strike games are played on a preloaded map, with each map having its own set of victory objectives. While some maps borrow from popular culture imagery, others borrow from more generic setting; such as villages, desert compounds, high rises, factories and offices. Each map generates a game play that neither side has an unfair advantage, persisting strategy and tactics in order to win. As mentioned before, the map or “setting” will be the “mansion”, where the objective is having the counter-terrorists attempting to rescue a set of hostage from close to where the terrorists start. Briefly, the map includes a huge two-level mansion with a front yard and a gate to a street parallel to the mansion. There is also a sewer stretching from the street to the back of the mansion. The map has a lot of strategic hole and spots that can help both teams accomplish victory. Typically each map is played several time, with each time being called a round lasting several minutes. Each round ends either when the victory objectives are met, in this case, rescuing the hostages, times runs out, or when one team has been totally eliminated. At the start of each round both sides are allowed to buy weapons and ammunition with the money they earned from previous rounds. Players are generally given few seconds before the round begins, known as the freeze time, to prepare and buy equipment. The better a team did in the previous round, the more money they have to spend. Nevertheless, surviving players retain their equipment for use in the next round. Standard monetary bonuses are awarded for various actions during the round. Once each team is equipped, they attempt to completely wipe out the other team or complete the objective, although the former outcome ends far more rounds than the latter. One of the most interesting features of the game is that killed players become ghosts for the duration of the round. Known as the spectator mode, killed player are able to watch the rest of the round from a multiple selectable views proven valuable in the information shared about the living players. Counter strike remains extremely popular to this day, and gamers are attracted to the different components present in the game. CS is an action lover’s dream; it is the perfect mix between fast action and realistic damage. You can’t just absorb bullet after bullet and expect to walk...
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