Count Your Blessings
Topics: Liberalism, Classical liberalism, Conservatism, Democratic Party, Liberty / Pages: 2 (409 words) / Published: May 8th, 2013

Modern Conservatism With Modern Liberalism, many things can be said about it because it touches on every element of society, its institutions, and individuals. Modern Liberals champion voting rights, worker rights, free speech, multiculturalism, the right to make health decisions without the government or other groups offering a third opinion. Modern Liberalism is the next step to bring democracy to its full potential…. Liberals are pro-freedom, which simply means a lot. Liberals had always claimed to stand for the greatest social good, which is a theory in Economics emphasizing individual freedom from restraint and usually based on a free competition, the self regulating market. Liberals tend to be members of the Democratic Party because of its support for wide raging welfare programs and governmental support of the public sector. They also resist military inventions, and tend to hop on many sides by uniting and having relationships between associates pertaining to arms control and foreign aid.

Compare and Contrast Modern Conservatism and Modern Liberalism

Modern liberalism and modern conservatism are both extremely centrist ideologies, In fact, US conservatism comes out of classical liberalism so the modern versions of both ideologies share deep philosophical roots. These roots date back to the 17th century, extending into the early 20th century. To fully understand American politics, it is a key to understand the dominant ideologies. It is also crucial to analyze the differences and similarities between these two ideologies. Understanding classical liberalism is essential to fully comprehend the ideals of modern liberalism and modern conservatism. Classical liberalism evolved from opposition to “divine rights of Kings” (PowerPoints, Classical Liberalism, pg. 2). One of the core principles in the presumption in favor of liberty is the “Fundamental Liberal Principal” (Guide, pg. 3). This principal states that freedom is a basic right and that

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