Count of monte cristo chapter notes

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The Count of Monte Cristo
Chapter 1
The people are expecting the ship Pharaon.
They think an accident must have happened
Theres a letter Danglars thought Dantes had
Dantes goes to see his father and fiancée
Chapter 2
Dantes ran to his father, yelling
His father is pale and sickly
Dantes asks if he is ill, no just startled
Dantes informs his father that the captain of the ship died and he is to take his place His father had to live on practically no money for months
Dantes goes to see Mercedes, his father said she found someone new. Him and his friend go to watch what happens Chapter 3
A man is asking Mercedes to marry him, she says as she has told him 100 times that her heart belongs to another Dantes comes and him and Mercedes are very happy to see each other fernand, the man asking Mercedes to marry him is meeting with danglars and he knows what has happened danglars says dantes is having good luck, becoming her husband and captain, unless he changes something Chapter 4

a restaurant is setting up for the betrothal dinner of Mercedes and dantes dantes is arrested, reasoning unknown
Chapter 5
the rich people are also having a betrothal dinner, they talk about politics the betrothed man gets a letter saying the bonepartists are plotting something, and he must go to help rid it the man goes to anothers house and they talk about dantes, and why he was arrested he goes to dantes and interrogates him

dantes says he really doesn’t have a political opinion
he tells the whole truth to villefort, and when villefort hears the name the captain gave dantes to deliver to in paris he is scared the name on the letter is noirtier, and it is villeforts father whom he disagrees with very much Chapter 6

dantes spends the night in jail, and he is awakened and taken somewhere he goes to a prison on an island
nobody believes him that he is supposed to be free
dantes is moved into the dungeon
Chapter 7
villefort warns the king of an uprising and the king says thanks Chapter 8
dantes is still locked up, many events happened with government his father died
Mercedes was left alone
Chapter 9
Dantes starts refusing food
He hears sounds
He thinks someone is trying to escape, he wants in
He knocks to see if it is a prisoner or a worker
Chapter 10
The “mad” priest tunneled to dantes cell, it took him 12 years to complete Dantes goes into farias cell and hears more about his life, when farias asks about dantes After dantes life story, they figure out who hated dantes and that fernand and dangler were the ones who caused his misfortune They made a plan to escape which took a year to complete

Farias has an attack, and he has to be silenced so that the guards won’t move him Chapter 11
They cant go because farias is half paralyzed
Dantes stays
Farias has some sort of treasure that he says actually exists The treasure is left by Spada, who hid it on the island of Monte Cristo Farias declares that dantes was sent to him as the son he didn’t get to have

Chapter 12
Farias died
Dantes got in his body bag instead of faris and was thrown into the sea He swam to an island
Chapter 13
He swam to a ship and said he was a survivor of a boat crash which had no survivors They let him be a part of the crew
The captain wants to unload on Monte Cristo
Chapter 14
The day after they arrive on Monte Cristo, he tells the men hes going to shoot a goat and goes to search for treasure Dantes falls and hurts himself on the rocks. He must stay for a week and Jacopo offers to stay with him Dantes refuses, so everyone leaves him

Dantes followed a trail and blew up a rock which had stairs under it He went into the cave and started breaking up the layers of rock to get to the second cave He found lots of treasure
He got his friends gifts and gave Jacopo his own ship and money to get a crew Chapter 15
Caderousse is telling men that dantes died
Caderousse received a diamond from dantes
The whole thing is for him since the others he...
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