Counselors Working as a Team

Topics: Family therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology Pages: 4 (955 words) Published: June 3, 2012
Patricia Dickson
Capella University

Patricia Dickson
April 19, 2012

Counselors Working as Part of a Multidisciplinary Team

Case Scenario
Ashley, a 12-year old girl, admits to one of her teachers that she feels very depressed. Her mother has recently re-married and the girl is having difficulty adjusting to life with her stepfather and his two children. She is not able to concentrate in class or do her homework. Ashley also reveals that she has been cutting on herself. Mental Health Professionals on the Case

School counselor. Professional school counselors (PSC) are certified and/or licensed education professionals with the minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling which makes them distinctively qualified to attend to the needs of students in areas such as: academic, personal, social, and career development. They assist in designing, implementing, evaluating and improving a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and supports student success. They must meet the state certification and licensure standards, and adhere to the state laws where they are employed. They also must maintain the ethical and professional standards of ASCA and other professional counseling associations (Lee, 2001). A PSC serves an important role in increasing the chances for student success. By employing leadership, advocacy and collaboration, the PSC supports equity in and access to a thorough educational experience for each student (Sandhu, 2000). The PSC offers culturally adept services to students; to their parents and/or guardians; for teachers and administrators; as well as to the community as a whole. These are some of the areas the PSC focusses on: • The creation of a school curriculum

• Planning and goal setting for individual students
• Recommending responsive services that may include
* individual or group counseling
* consulting with parents, teachers and others on a collaborative team * referring students to...

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