Counselling Theories

Topics: Developmental psychology, Nature versus nurture, Sigmund Freud Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: May 10, 2013

Course: Counselling theories

1. According to the Nature Versus Nurture theory, it is the debate between whether our upbringing or our inheritances determine who we are. In Steven’s case, I feel he was over-nurtured by his parents which led him to consciously rebel against their wishes and then led to the decision to live a double life, his parents established nothing but boundaries and in his adolescence he thought of nothing but tearing through them. This shows us that closing your child off from the world and disabling him from making his own choices create hostility and resentment for his life, his parents and his future relationships. On the other hand, it could be said that Steven inherited his insensivity from his parents, due to lacking in his developmental stages which could have also led to the downfall of his marriage and his infidelity. Steven talks about his relationship with his parents, and we can easily gather that he was over nurtured, and we can use the Nature Versus Nurture complex to compare his situation and decide on the proper technique to begin the acknowledgement of his problems and the ways to solve them. E.g. Re-direct the total blame from his parents and assist him in realising that in the present he makes his own choices and that there are consequences. (Counselling Theories Manual CHC8D03V)

2. The Freudian concepts deal with your personality at the core of it. It describes the different stages of your personality and how it relates to the way you feel about yourself and the decisions you make. In Steven’s case, his core layer of his personality, the ID which determines your pleasure seeking sense, Steven is fixated on seeking pleasure and will find it by any means necessary. The way I would apply the Freudian concept would be assisting Steven in re-evaluating his phallic stage of development, as I believe that he is lacking and needs to re-evaluate the characteristics of this period. In...
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