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“Dr white seems to think you maybe able to help me. You see I feel so lonely and depressed. All there is for me now is the week. working men’s club, but it is the same old thing every week. I am bored with bingo and playing draughts. I don’t really want to go to the club anymore.”

Mr Jones you have been referred to me by your GP Dr white as he feels you are suffering from depression. I understand how you are feeling right now , lonely,frustrated,bored and if I would be to if I was in your situation of the same repetitive old mans club as you say it’s the same boring things every Week. I feel this has made you lonely and frustrated as you possibly only have the old mans club to look forward to every week and you have no other activities aside from this . Mr Jones the image imp getting here is you could maybe benefit from a different activity or a different direction in what you want to do with yourself, I feel the loneliness could be to do with a loss of friendship or breakdown of one as you have said that all you have to look forward to is the old men’s club what else did you have apart from the club ? , My gut feeling is telling me that you are bored of the same repetitive routine as the club does not varied its activities which then makes you feel frustrated with the club and anxious as you have no other outlets to got to. Have you always felt lonely I can sense that you could possibly of felt lonely for quite sometime maybe due to lack of social network you have or friends family, and now the club isn’t satisfying your needs it has triggered of maybe past episodes of loneliness or depression that you have experienced in past situations.
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