Counseling a Friend (Extemporaneous Speech)

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Extemporaneous Speech: Final
Counseling a Friend

Hello everyone! To my teacher and classmates, I hope you had a good sleep last night. To start off, let me congratulate everyone in this room first because it’s configured that we are all humans! But being a human is not all laughter and partying. There are tears... challenges. Sometimes we do make some mistakes in life. Luckily, because we are all God’s creation, He gave us friends too. Friends whom we could run to whenever we have problems… people who would always be there for us. I’m sure that sometimes, it is our friends who choose to run to us also whenever they have problems. But what do we do during those times? Now I am guessing that you all know what my topic is going to be all about. Of course, it is about counseling your friend the right way. I will inform you of the negative habits or things that we usually do when our friends come to us and ask for our help and then afterwards, I am going to give you some pointers on how to make your counseling better for you and your friend. Having made myself clear on the two main points of my talk, let us move on to the first point, shall we? The first thing that we have to avoid is assuming their problem as a small one. Your friend’s problem might be small for you but it may be big for them. Let me give you a classic example. Your friend comes to you to express her sadness on her recent breakup with her boyfriend. And you on the other hand say, “I’ve been through that already. No need to cry your heart out. You’ll get over that quickly.” The next thing you know, you heard on the news that your friend already committed suicide. Well of course that is worse case scenario but this is one of the things that we are trying to avoid. You see, we should consider that this is a problem that is making your friend’s life miserable. But of course we do not want our friends to be dysfunctional like every little difficulties they have had, they would come to us asking for...

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