Counseling Approaches

Topics: Drug addiction, Motivation, Reward system Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Counseling Approaches
Lizbeth Tini
Grand Canyon University : PCN-435
April 14, 2013

Counseling Approaches

This paper is going to define and explain the differences in two specific counseling approaches used by counselors in today’s profession. The main focus of this paper is going to be the contrast between Brief Interventions and Solution-focused counseling techniques determining which is most effective or could it be using both would get better results. In this paper it will be utilized with the resources available to identify strengths and limitations of each treatment approach, and how they can be addressed in order to better serve the client.

There are many kinds of counseling approaches counselors use to help a person entering recovery. Each client presents a different set of problems, a different level of addiction and a different stage of contemplation. Counselors cannot focus on just one approach. They maintain responsibility to learn all and learn how to implement each approach specific to the individual needs of the client. Stepping outside of the box researching other techniques is the key to success with any client. Brief Interventions present different definitions, such “as "simple advice," "minimal interventions," "brief counseling," or "short-term counseling." (NCBI, 2013) Brief intervention differs from most counseling techniques, its goal is to help control addictive behavior and making it short term. Could this work with someone who has a hardcore addiction or is it only for those just who want to “moderate a person’s alcohol consumption to sensible levels and to eliminate harmful drinking practices.”(NIAAA, 2005) Solution-focused counseling (SFC) is another technique that could be used to help the maladaptive client. “The essence of SFC is its focus on the accomplishments, strengths, resources, and abilities of the client.”(Capuzzi, Staffer, 2012) These are both considered short...

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