Coun5004 Week 1 Discussions

Topics: Mental health professional, Psychology, Psychotherapy Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Coun5004 Week 1 Discussions
Discussion 1
I believe that one of the greatest challenges of a counselor-in-training is obtaining the practicum and internship required for my state. Capella does not provide a place for students to get their practicum and internship; it is up to the student to find an agency or profession that is willing to provide the services. Online resources are helpful in this area. There are several organizations that students of mental health counseling can become a member. I have already received a membership in the Alabama Counseling Association (ACA). Students who are graduates or undergraduates and not employed in a full-time counseling position and actively in a program studying counseling can apply for membership (Alabama Counseling Association, 2004). By becoming a member of the Alabama Counseling Association, the student can attend meetings and be acquainted with professional counselors, which in turn can give more opportunity for internship and practicum supporters. Resources that I have viewed that helped me address the challenges I anticipate were the Independent Research: Professional Organizations section. Most of these organizations listed have memberships for students. I plan to join as many groups as I can in order to help get my name and face into the mental health counseling community. As I can participate in the different groups and get to know more counselors, my chances of obtaining my practicum and internship agency may be better. Deciding on the counseling specialization was easy for me. My desire has always been to help individuals who suffer from sexual trauma. From personal experience, I understand the problems associated with being victimized. I have always desired to help those who suffer from sexual assault or abuses understand what they experienced, why, and how it has affected their life. I did consider a school counseling career. However, my desire has always been to work with sexually traumatized...

References: Capella University. (2015). Writing center self-assessment. Retrieved from
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