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Topics: Christianity, Sin, Marriage Pages: 6 (2218 words) Published: August 27, 2013
A 4-MAT Review System: Overview of Redemption in Counseling Abstract
In McMinn’s textbook, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling (1996), he emphasizes the significance of Christian Spirituality in a counseling office or setting while trying to help a client find redemption from sin. Consequently, McMinn (1996) defines “redemption” as a way of buying back (McMinn, p.241). Also, McMinn (1996) talks about our relationship with Christ. McMinn (1996) states that we should have a relationship with “Jesus Christ” that helps us to modify our comprehension of human interactions personally and professionally. McMinn (1996) dictates that there should be a good line of trust that has been created between the counselor and the client to ensure confidence within the redemption of the individual. Challenging sin is normally not advised if there is not a good level of trust between the counselor and the client. McMinn’s (1996) text specifies that “God” is the only source to endless redemption. Moreover, according to McMinn (1996), we as people are only able to offer certain type of redemption to one another. However, this type of redemption is common bonding and knowledge in Christian counseling, according to McMinn (1996). As humans, we are able to profess our sins by discovering “…forgiveness, hope and meaning in God’s grace” (McMinn, 1996, p. 241). McMinn (1996) acknowledged several situations where counselors could use to meet sin: silence, pondering, questioning, and direct censure. Direct censure is considered the most hazardous…because it has the likelihood to cause damage to the therapeutic relationship. McMinn (1996) says that…silence is known to be golden. Obviously, going without a conversation could be used as a mechanism to let the client reflect on the conversation that just took place in the session. Sometimes, the utilization of silence is finest to display an unbiased platform with a client. The ultimate objective in Christian counseling is to assist the client in becoming spiritual aware by bringing them nearer to God. The purpose of counseling and definitely of confrontation is to bring healing, redemption, and reconciliation… this is the counselor's goal and should be always to fully study their own intentions and explanations in confronting a client. The best interest of the client at that particular period in time should be the guiding determinant as to what form to use and whether confrontation is appropriate. Guiding a client toward therapeutic solutions and restoring their relationships between God, self, and others should give hope to the client and the counselor (1996). McMinn (1996) indicates that many times the word confrontation is closely connected to what is called direct censure. It involves the general idea of orally summoning out sin into the atmosphere and involves a significant risk in the counseling office if the client is not emotionally and spiritually prepared or ready for this specific approach. McMinn (1996) states that the meaning of confrontation in counseling involves many different approaches such as quietness, thinking, interrogative, visualization of end outcome, and of course…prayer. Absolutely, these approaches could use as a way to encourage the client to work through sinful behavior or uncertain environments. Concrete Response

Personally, dealing with sin, forgiveness and redemption in counseling was very taxing on my husband and me. According to McMinn (1996), the character of sin and its part in the counseling practice was interesting. McMinn (1996) denotes that commonly counselors try to evade the impression of sin in their practice. Unfortunately, this has a negative outcome, in most issues of sin. According to McMinn (1996), he suggests the integration of sin into normalcy of practicing of Christian counselors. This necessary change could add essential strength to the work of Christian counselor and be of assistance to his/her...
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