Could the Nazi Takeover of the German State and National Consolidation of Power Have Been Prevented?

Topics: Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Could the Nazi takeover of the German state and national consolidation of power have been prevented? Who could have prevented it, and what would they have needed to do? If a Nazi dictatorship could have been prevented, what was the most likely alternative outcome?

The rise in power of Hitler in January 30, 1933 did not come through a revolutionary way, but through lies and manipulations that eventually secured Hitler his election in a political office. Having already attempted to take over the German government by force in November 1923, Hitler had failed and was, now, fully determined that the Nazis will gain control of the German state only in a “legal” manner (Spielvogel, pp. 59). In the spring of 1932 with the expiration of the presidential term of Hindenburg, it was strongly believed by many, especially the left wing that avoiding Hitler’s rise in power it would be necessary for Hindenburg to run again for president. The Social Democrats were especially willing to support Hindenburg’s reelection. This way, the popular Hindenburg would be elected again and thus, leave no possible chances for Hitler to win (Spielvogel, pp. 60). After his reelection, the president reluctantly accepted a plan recommended by the then current chancellor Bruning to ban the SA because of the trouble that they had caused during the election. This action along with other accusations caused the dismissal of the chancellor, which marked the beginning of the Hitler’s rise to power. The nomination of Hitler as chancellor of Germany in 30 January 1933 was quite an achievement that showed Hitler’s capabilities of being a smart, strong and mischievous politician. Even though it is claimed that Hitler won the chancellorship “legally”, there is lots of evidence that pinpoint to his evil ways of acquiring the power. If during this time Hidenburg, Scheicher, and von Papen had not taken wrong political decisions, Hitler would have been prevented from becoming the chancellor of...
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