Couch Potatoes vs Athletes

Topics: Obesity, Overweight, Truth Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Couch Potatoes Vs. Athletes
The truth about couch potatoes and athletes has finally been exposed. Athletes are snotty, pompous people who like to put others down to elevate themselves. Couch potatoes are humble, intellectual, and confident people. Contrary to the common misconception couch potatoes are not really un-active, lazy people. Instead, the lifestyle of couch potatoes is merely the outcome of extremely caring and intellectual people. Couch potatoes are those who are very concerned with studying and educating themselves (through means of television) to help others. They are truly dedicated people who endure long hours on the couch, putting the needs of others before themselves. Couch potatoes are so caring over others that they often deny themselves any time outdoors. They are so dedicated and unselfish that the couch becomes their headquarters of study in which they eat and sleep on all day long, as to not waste time. Someday they plan on exercising but, their guilty conscience drags them back to “headquarters.“ When they do finally get to physical activity they tend not to last long only due to their heavy consciousness that creates mayhem in there body which shortens their endurance physically to reimburse them with perseverance and endurance on a superior, intellectual level that in tales the couch potato lifestyle. In addition, there humbleness is so great that they rather not flaunt their physical state as opposed to athletes who live to exhibit there physical status. Athletes are offensive and self centered people. They live off the defeat of others. Their strength and physical talent is rooted from the satisfaction of crushing the hopes of others. They train all year long to flaunt their sculpted bodies in front of others. They are extremely pompous and justify this with the means of being competitive. Yet, the truth of the matter is, their completive nature is geared mainly to hurt others. Athletes are so snotty and...
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