Cotton Industry

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Cotton Industry

Through the beginning of evolution of humans one of the most common utilities used were cotton for clothing and other things. As trading became popular through Asia and machines were invented the owners would usually use many workers and get a low wage out of their work just as in Japan and India. The cotton industries throughout Japan and India became a great success in the period 1880s to the 1930s. A similarity of these countries was that they both recruited laborers who worked at farms. A difference between these two countries were the type of workers they had working for their cotton industries. Another difference was their production of Yarn. An additional type of document could have been about further explanation of the production of yarn of both cotton industries of Japan and India.

First of all, Japan and India mostly had farm workers who worked in the cotton industry. As in for Japan, they would recruit farm laborers because they were cheap workers. These farmers would usually send their children to work at the cotton industries. Usually the worker would earn enough for them to live (Doc.5). However, even though they would get a low income in working at the cotton industries, they would get a greater amount of wage of a year than working as a farmer. During the 1900, they had to turn over sixty percent of the crops they grew to the landlord. So at to their advantage they had cotton industries (Doc.4).As well in India, they had workers from agriculture programs and also they had unemployed hand weavers. They usually worked for less than two year and their wages never increased nor decreased, it would usually stay the same (Doc. 9).

Also, even as were they’re workers had come from were the same, the type of sex was a huge difference. In Japan, they had a higher percentage of workers who were women than in India. During the 1920 the percentage of Female cotton workers was eighty percent which increased to eighty point sixty...
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