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About the Brand
Costa Coffee is a fast growing global coffee venture.
SWOT Analysis for Costa Coffee
Strengths Weaknesses
Family friendly e.g. Babyccino
Costa Express
800 more stores than closest competitor- greater physical presence Responsible brand image - Costa Foundation, Rainforest Alliance Few international stores Very fixed menu
Opportunities Threats
Targeting different consumers with different product line
Continued expansion
Expanding different consumer market
Cooperation with other organization e.g. Universities
Increase brand loyalty Main competitor is Starbucks who outcompete overseas Western food in international stores
Local stores have a much greater neighbourhood vibe
Price competition
3. Recommendations for Costa coffee
3.1 Improve brand recognition and brand image
A well-recognized and wide-accepted brand image is one of the most valuable assets of the company. (Aaker, 1991). Costa Coffee has a welcoming and comforting brand image; however, the promotion of this brand image is at a disadvantage compared with its biggest rival Starbucks. In order to reverse the weakness into its strength, Costa Coffee needs to keep improving its brand image and brand awareness. Costa Coffee founded Costa Foundation, which is a charity aiming to offer long-term support especially in education for the coffee-growing farmers and their communities. Thus, Costa Coffee could strengthen its publicity of its efforts in sustaining the vulnerable group. By continue to maintain its social responsibility which could have reflected its "responsible" image to the whole public, it would help Costa Coffee gain more reputation and build a better brand image. 3.2 Launch new products

One of the weaknesses of Costa Coffee is its fixed menu and the blank page of new product webpage. Compared to Starbucks and other café shops, having limited choices on the menu would pose a disadvantage to Costa Coffee. The...
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