Cost Savings Initiatives

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Cost Savings Initiatives
Solar Panels
In order to reduce the amount of electricity being use for operating the shopping mall, install solar panels at level 4 will be a great solution. The shopping mall will not fully dependent on the electricity supply from the power station. Once the solar panels are install, it will be able to supply artificial lighting for both during the day and night. Even though, the shopping mall does not fully rely on the artificial lighting during the day because of the façade. It can still be used for other purpose in the shopping mall. Moreover, it is the fastest growing source of renewable energy, offering environmental benefits and cost-efficiency. It will also benefit by promoting eco-friendly mall. Sky lighting

The other alternative way for cost savings will be designing the roof of the shopping mall with sky lighting. Even though the shopping mall has the natural lighting penetrating through the suspended glass, it is not advisable to do so. This will cause the shopping mall to heat up and more electricity needed to air conditioning. Hence, it is not an effective way to do so. It is advisable to have natural lighting from the roof. The current natural lighting on light up the side of the shopping mall. Sky lighting from the roof will bright out the whole shopping mall. It provides better aesthetics, better color, and better definition of space and highlights architectural details which makes it more appeal for the shoppers and tenants. In addition, it also reduce energy consumption which means lessened dependency on artificial lighting can reduce the use of electricity by as much 10%. Rainwater harvesting system

The system helps to minimize the use of portable water by harvesting rainwater. This rainwater can be used to flush toilets which means it helps to reduce the amount of portable water. Furthermore, it also helps promote eco-friendly and gives the shopping mall a better image being awarded the Green mark....
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