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IS4532: Project Management and Outsourcing
LAB #3: Project Tracking
Tasks for this week:
Exercise on project tracking using MS Project 2010
Exercise on EVM using the Games for Kids Project. Refer to the other document. Answer needs to be submitted to Blackboard Assignments
Please use the assignment template provided.
Deadline of submission – coming Sunday.
LAB 3: Project Tracking
Project information (same as previous week)
Suppose that you are the project manager from the system development team in a game development company. Now, you are responsible to manage a game development project. Table below contains the project information. For the purpose of this case assume the following: The project begins on Nov 3, 2014.

The project team work eight-hour days, Monday through Friday. Table 1: Task list
Task ID Task Name Duration Predecessors Resources
1 Market analysis 25 days Nil Kathy
2 Game design 40 days 1 Kathy, John
3 Prototyping study 20 days 1 Mary
4 Game design selection 10 days 2, 3 John
5 Detailed marketing plan 15 days 4 Kathy
6 Prototyping 30 days 4 Mary, Chris
7 Detailed game design 50 days 4 Mary
8 Test prototype 10 days 7 John
9 Finalized game design 25 days 6, 8 Mary
10 Order components 7 days 9 John
11 Order production equipment 14 days 9 Mary
12 Install production equipment 25 days 10FS+20days,
11FS+40days Mary, Chris
13 Project Closing 1 days 5, 12 Kathy
Table 2: Resource data
Resource Name Initials Stand. Rate Ovt. Rate
Kathy PM $50.00/h $60.00/h
John BA $40.00/h $50.00/h
Mary SA $40.00/h $50.00/h
Chris P $20.00/h $25.00/h
The above is the project we used in the last tutorial. Download T06-baseline-2010.mpp directly from Blackboard, and start working on the following. PART 2
Project Tracking
Before you can compare your actual performance with the planned figures, you have to save your plan as a baseline when the plan is finalized. Microsoft Project enables you to save up to 10 baselines. Set a baseline...
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