Cost-Effective Measures for Building Renovation

Topics: District heating, Plumbing, Water heating Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: May 9, 2006
There are many different cost effective measures which would cause the businesses fuel bills to drop and in doing so the building would benefit highly from an upgrade. Below I have shown my recommendations on what cost effective measures which you can take and in doing so will upgrade the building.

A client is concerned that their fuel bills are high. They have asked your company to prepare a report on how to upgrade their building to reduce their fuel bills. The building was constructed in 1950 and is used as an administration centre. It is in an industrial estate and is not a listed building.

The building is a one story construction compromising of:-

•Composite stone wall 350mm thick. Floor to ceiling = 3m
•Single glazed timber windows in good condition.
•Timber & glass double swing doors leading into entrance hall •A pitched, slated roof which is showing signs of ‘nail sicknesses. One pitch is south facing. •Uninsulated roof void which contains a large volume of pigeon waste and feathers. •Painted concrete floor in good condition.

•The electrical system was installed in 1960 using PVC cables with one power point per room. •Fluorescent tubes provide all lighting.
•Gravity fed hot water system comprising of 28mm copper distribution pipes with a 22mm secondary return. The insulation on the hot water cylinder appears to be cement based and poor condition. •Cold water and indirect system with 28mm copper pipes and a galvanized steel storage system ( showing signs of " pinholing") •Solid fuel central heating system(installed 1950), with gravity fed 28mm low carbon steel flow and return pipes running along the inside of the outside wall. There are column radiators in each room that are controlled by wheel head valves.

Cost Effective Measures
Roof Void
One cost effective measure which would help the actual building itself a great deal was if the uninsulated roof void which the building has was firstly removed of the excess...
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