Cost and Quality Analysis

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Cost and Quality Analysis
When comparing the relationship between health care costs and quality, the two tend to be closely related. In some cases, when eliminating quality waste and improving productivity, there is a possibility to achieving substantial reductions in costs and improvements in the quality of care (James, 1989). Depending on the quality level of healthcare in which a person expects to receive, insurance agencies offer different packages relative to the cost the person is willing spend. But when looking at the healthcare system as a whole, do we need to reduce final medical outcome quality for some, so that for larger groups medical outcomes can be significantly improved? This can be attributed to quality waste, productivity, and preventive medicine, in which case the higher quality of these can lead to lower costs (James, 1989). It is necessary that we find a way to control costs and focus with the continuous quality improvement theory in order to improve production processes, produce higher-quality outputs, and generate lower costs (James, 1989). Cost and Quality Differences between Public and Private Healthcare Agencies

When comparing public and private healthcare agencies, especially when addressing cost and quality, there are some differences. For instance, we can look into two healthcare agencies, Medicaid, a public agency created by the federal government but administered by the state in order to provide medical services for low-income citizens (Duel Eligibilities, 2013), and The Joint Commission, an organization made up of individuals from the private medical sector that develops and maintains standards of quality in medical facilities (The Joint Commission, 2013).  According to the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Medicare work together in order to improve care and lower costs. This focuses not only on controlling the cost, but improving the quality and access to care by simplifying processes by eliminating duplication of...

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