Cost Analysis of a Poultry Farm in Nigeria

Topics: Poultry farming Pages: 31 (7715 words) Published: March 18, 2012

2.Bio security2
4.Brooder Management6
6.Watering and Feeding8
7.Feed and Feeding8
9.Ideal Vaccination Schedule11
10.Methods of Individual Vaccination12
11.Disease Prevention13
12.Beak Trimming16
13.How to limit Effect of Heat17
14.How to distinguish laying from non laying birds19
15.Egg Quality19
17Record Keeping23
18.Disposal of Dead Birds23
19.Waste management23
20Project Appraisal24.

Poultry generally refers to those species of birds man have domesticated for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and recreation. It includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, swan, pigeon, guinea fowl, peafowl ostrich, parrots etc.

The common one in this part of the world i.e. Nigeria is: - Chicken, Turkeys, Ostrich and Duck.
Poultry business is a very lucrative one in the sense that no matter what people will always eats eggs and in fact it is recommended by W.H.O. that children should take at least one egg per day because of it’s importance in brain development. Eggs are also used as ingredient in the production of other food types like cake, biscuit etc.

Apart from egg got as end product of this business, when the birds have layed for eighteen months they are sold off. Profit is thus made from (1) The sales of Eggs and (ii) Sales of old birds.

Profit can however be maximized when the following are strictly adhered to: - 1.Employing a professional i.e. vet doctor either permanently or on call basis so that disease outbreak which can result from poor management and inadequate medication/vaccination can be prevented. 2.Good health programme: this will prevent or minimize the exposure of birds to diseases and losses from he devastating effect of such disease when they occur 3.Antibody titre level (ATL): After each vaccination the birds Antibody level is checked to ascertain if the vaccination is effective r not. 4.The use of good cages and other equipment is also important. It is imperative to note that a successful livestock business is one run by a success driven business manager and not the autocratic armchair type. The one who desires success must carry all his farm staff along and delegate authority to responsible subordinates. He should get very one involved in achieving set goals and give constructive criticism from time to time. He should also be humane with is workers, pay good wages and make sure work is done under a very conducive conditions. He must engage real professionals not quacks and be ready to pay the price for good quality service and products.

This word is coined from combination of two words namely ‘Bios’’ which mean life and ‘Security’’ which means protection.

Bio security in this context simply means protection of birds from agent causing disease like Bacteria, Virus, Fungus etc. Day old chicks (D.O.C) have little immunity at birth hence they have to be protected adequately from infection in the following ways:

Man is considered to be a potent source of infection. Man in this regards includes visitors, farm workers and health personnel. RECOVERED BIRDS
The birds recovered from infectious diseases may act as carrier and transmit infective agents to healthy birds.

The adult birds used for breeding purposes may harbour some infection in their system or in carrier state. Such birds may serve as source of infection to other breeding sock. The infected semen can also transmit the diseases to hen during mating. Therefore, breeding stock should remain free from infection and must be protected by vaccination against dreaded diseases.

One species, which is naturally resistant to particular diseases, may act as carrier of diseases for...
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