Cost Accounting

Topics: Variable cost, Costs, Management accounting Pages: 638 (134541 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Solutions Manual for

Creating Value for Management
Fifth Edition

University of California, Davis

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Cost Accounting: How Managers User Cost Accounting Information

Chapter 15
Using Differential Analysis for Production Decisions

Chapter 2
Cost Concepts and Behaviour

Chapter 16
Managing Quality and Time

Chapter 3
Cost System Design: An Overview

Chapter 17
Planning and Budgeting

Chapter 4
Job Costing

Chapter 18
Flexible Budgeting and Performance Evaluation

Chapter 5
Process Costing

Chapter 19
Performance Evaluation: Cost Variances

Chapter 6
Spoilage and Quality Management

Chapter 20 Chapter 7
Allocating Costs to Departments Performance Evaluation in Decentralized Organizations

Chapter 8
Activity-Based Costing

Chapter 21
Transfer Pricing

Chapter 9
Activity-Based Management

Chapter 22
Nonfinancial Performance Measures

Chapter 10
Allocating Joint Costs

Chapter 23
Capital Investmenet Decisions

Chapter 11
Variable Costing

Chapter 24
Inventory Management

Chapter 12
Cost Estimation

Chapter 25
Management Ethics and Financial Fraud

Chapter 13
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Chapter 26
Revenue, Mix and ield Variances

Chapter 14
Differential Cost and Revenue Analysis

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Chapter 1
Cost Accounting: How Managers Use Cost Accounting Information

Solutions to Review Questions
1–1. C Analysis of divisional performance A Costing for income tax purposes B Determining how many units to produce in the coming week 1–2. Descriptions of the six business functions in the value chain are as follows: 1. Research and development: the creation and development of ideas related to new products, services, or processes. 2. Design: the detailed development and engineering of products, services, or processes. 3. Production: the collection and assembly of resources to produce a product or deliver a service. 4. Marketing: the process that informs potential customers about the attributes of products or services, and leads to the sale of those products or services. 5. Distribution: the process established to deliver products or services to customers....
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