Cosplay Cafe

Topics: Tea, Black tea, Green tea Pages: 11 (3089 words) Published: June 24, 2013
I. Business Background
A. Brief description of business

Cosplay café. Derived from maid cafés and butler cafés, where the staffs are dressed as anime characters, video game characters or any famous personalities. The staffs treat the customers like masters and mistresses rather than merely café customers.

Our products are limited to coffee, tea and desserts. Examples are: Coffee; Café au lait, Caffè latte, Coffee milk, Cafe mocha, Cappuccino, Decaf, Espresso Romano, Frappuccino, Iced coffee, Macchiato, Mocha, Raspberry Mocha, Regular coffee, White Chocolate Mocha and White Coffee Tea; Black tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Red tea, Oolong Tea, Earl grey, Jasmine tea, Darjeeling tea and Imperial tea Desserts; Baked desserts such as cakes, muffins, cookies, puddings and custards. Fried desserts such as doughnuts and bagels. Frozen desserts such as ice cream, milk shakes and sherbet. Chilled desserts such as trifles, mousse parfait.

Cosplay café is in food service industry which has its original twist of having the staffs dressed differently.

B. Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

To be well known throughout the world for making a unique and outstanding nutritious coffee, tea, and dessert ever. Competing with large companies by serving high standard products and this way exceeds the expectation of customer. Our commitment includes providing services giving care to our environment.

To promote nutritious quality products that will satisfy the needs and wants of every customer. We are serving the best type of coffee and tea in the world that match to our special desserts. We are also promoting the cultures of some countries through the souvenir that we offer in every branch of our company. Our company constantly provides outstanding customer service and believes that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To develop our franchisers, employees and service providers through the sharing of entrepreneurial, innovative and visionary skills of the management of the company.

* Expanding the business. Putting up branches not only nationwide but worldwide. * Innovation of products. Search for a new product that will meet the needs and wants of customers * Quality and High level performance. To achieve a consistently high level of performance to the benefit of all association with the company. Train all the employees on customer service skills. * Increase profit. Measuring production by comparing the total sales and expenses every period. Putting up marketing program and strategies to increase sales. * Charitable campaign. To make a corporate social responsibility concerning the problem of hunger and malnutrition among street children.

* The company aim to provide its customer with high standard products and well customer service. * To ensure customer satisfaction and encourage brand loyalty. * To create projects that can be helpful to the society and in order to save the environment. * To become one of the leading company worldwide when it comes to coffee, tea, and desserts.

II. Business Activities
C. Programs/ Activities
* Opening of cosplay cafe (start of business operation) * Start a feeding program for kids, especially street children to minimize malnutrition * Help chidren save their own money by initiating arts and crafts from recycled materials related activities * Generate funds by commencing concerts for a cause, and the collected funds will be donated to charity groups concerning the children * Start of advertising of other branches nationwide * Sell cosplay items, as well as anime collectibles * cosplay fashion shows

B. Policy Statements
Our commitment to food safety is essential to our business. We are committed to give our customers high quality services and artistic...
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