Cosmological Argument and Belief in God

Topics: Metaphysics, Cosmological argument, Existence Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: April 22, 2014
‘The cosmological argument shows that it is reasonable to believe in God’ How far do you agree? - 15 Mark Aquinas’ cosmological argument is a theory that is highly credible due it to being very logical and having support from science and common human observation. His theory isn’t based on the spiritual and religious God it is based on the God of classical theism which is why more people may argue that his theory makes it reasonable to believe in God. Aquinas’ argument gives a very detailed account as to why god actually exists. This detailed account contains ideas that are sensible and are logical which is why in some aspects people may find it tolerable to believe in a God. Aquinas’ rejected the idea of infinite regression which is hugely known. He postulated that there needs to be a first cause that has caused every beings existence. If there was no primary force that explains everything then the chain of cause and effect would be infinite and would never end which doesn’t provide humankind with answers to queries of what started it all. The German philosopher Leibniz and his statement supports Aquinas’ rejection of infinite regression. Leibniz voiced that even if the universe always existed it still needs a sufficient reason for its existence. Obviously Aquinas would say that this ‘sufficient reason’ is God. Leibniz goes on to say that nothing that is within the universe explains its existence. Therefore, the reason for the universe must exist outside of the universe. There must be a cause for whole universe which helps to explain the entire universe. Aquinas also used observations he had made in the universe and applied it the universe itself. Some criticise Aquinas for generalising his observations however one could argue that if things within the universe operate in a certain way it isn’t stupid to assume the universe itself works in the same way. Aquinas said that all beings in the universe are an effect that derived from some sort of cause. This theory...
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