Cosmetology: Cosmetics and Eye

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A. Introduction to Cosmetology
* Cosmetology refers to the study and practice of beauty culture. It is the professional treatment of the skin, hair, and nails. Success in beauty culture depends to a large extent upon knowing the “why” and “how of the varied services rendered to patrons Cosmetics

1. Foundation: provide the backdrop for the entire colorful facial make up artistry. The sole purpose is to give the face one even color tone.

* Liquid: most popular type, easily applied and gives a sheer to opaque coverage, water base or oil base, give the skin a glowing look * Matte: comes in liquid, cream or cake, gives the skin a dry, dull look * Whipped: slightly heavier textured foundation than the liquid, has greater amount of moisturizing qualities and leaves the skin lightly moist and glowing * Cream cake: condensed version of the whipped, thicker and richer than any other foundations, the skin is give a definite, creamy glow * Cream-stick: slightly lighter than the cream cake, consistency is more stiff * Cake: dried version of the cream cake, a highly compressed powder, applied with a wet sponge, gives a heavy, opaque cover * Medicated: foundations generally issued by a dermatologist to combat excessive oil or blemished skin

2. Powder :application of powder sets the foundation

* Translucent: gives an off white or beige tone, no color, will not alter the shade of the foundation. * Pressed Translucent Powder: available for touch ups during the day, comes in compact form 3. Concealer - use to cover blemishes and discolorations; match color to skin; apply with sponge or disposable cotton swab; use sparingly and soften edges 4. Irridescent or Pearlized Powder - tinted face powders, augments or intensifies the applied foundation. 5. Blush - a container of rouge-type blush, moist or powder can freshen the overall look by adding a hint of color to the cheeks, used to add natural glow and color. 6. Pencil eyeliner - used to line the eyelids as well as darken your eyebrows. 7. Mascara - defines the eyes, make lashes looks longer and thicker. 8. Eye Shadows - make eyes brighter and more expressive, it is of three types: Highlight color; base color; contour color. 9. Eyeliners - used to outline and emphasize the eye, consist of wax or hardened oil base with color additives and apply with short strokes and gentle pressure. 10. Eyebrow Color - used to add color and contour brows, chemistry similar to eyeliner pencils and avoid harsh contrasts with hair color 11. Lipstick or lip gloss - composed of pigment, which determines its color; wax, which gives lipstick its shape and emollients or oils which moisturize and carry the color. The five basic formulas are sheer, shimmer, cream, matte and long-lasting.

* Perform client consultation.
* Wash hands.
* Drape client.
* Apply cleanser.
* Remove cleanser.
* Apply astringent lotion or toner.
* Apply moisturizer.
* Groom eyebrows.
Facial Make-Up Application
* Before applying make-up, moisturize the skin, according to its needs.  * Be sure to hydrate the eye area, especially underneath with the vita shield intensive eye cream or the cellular perfecting complex. It will help the concealer go on more smoothly. * Also, if you plan to be outdoors, be sure to wear sunscreen. 1. Apply Foundation:

Foundation will even out the skin tone and protect the skin with spf. Using the foundation brush, fingers or sponge, apply foundation first to the nose and mouth area and then blend outward. 2. Apply Concealer:

Using the concealer brush, apply the concealer to the inside corner of the eye, under the eye (only where you see darkness) and under the lash line where you may be a little red or pink. Then, use your ring finger to pat into the skin, blending and evening out the color. 3: Apply Powder:

* Step 3: Powder: Using your powder...
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