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What is cosmetology and why did I choose it?
Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatment. There are different branches of cosmetology: hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicure/pedicures, and electrology. General cosmetology in the United States mainly focuses on hairstyling, but they still teach you other things involving cosmetology. I choose this job because I felt that it would be an interesting topic to research about. I wanted to learn more about what it is about and what the different things/branches cosmetology is.

What are the uses of math in cosmetology?
The stylists use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division when styling hair and managing business. You would often use math when counting cash and giving service price quotes. Without basic math it is hard to find out taxes on tips and wages. It is also difficult to exercise time management skills needed to optimize the hours of the workday. Before a stylist cuts they take measurements of the hair. Also when coloring hair the colorist has to measure the colors out. Each treatment requires various amounts of products: a blond bleach job calls for certain volume of developer and toner, which must be measured. Also it is good to know fractions and to be familiar with the metric system.

What education/preporation must you receive to be a cosmetologist? When becoming a cosmetologist you have to be licensed by the state. In order to become licensed you must have graduated from a state-licensed barber or cosmetology schools and is at least 16 years old. Some states require graduation from high school while others require as little as an 8th grade education. When training, programs last about nine months in hairstyling and cosmetology. But if you want to become a manicurist, the programs don’t last as long. A cosmetologist must graduate from a one or two year program. A two-year program in cosmetology leads to an associate of science or applied science degree. An...
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