Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

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Cosmetic Surgery Addiction
Who cares if Cody does not like me because I am not as attractive as Elizabeth. Like it bothers

me if that woman with bigger breast got the role I wanted in the play. What’s inside is all that

matters, right? A person can repeat this as many times as he or she likes, but the denial will

somehow carry one right back to the harsh reality. No matter how hard we try society looks at

beauty before brains. I am going to tell you the truth why people become addicted to plastic


Just ten short years ago thirty-three hundred thousand Americans had plastic surgery

procedures just in this year alone that number has increased to over six million. The alarming the

three hundred thirty thousand of those surgeries were performed on teens eighteen and under.

The increase in extreme makeover shows may be directly the cause of the increase in surgeries.

Mass media has created a social mirror that millions of women want to be perfect in the

eyes of society, the blame for plastic surgery addiction in today’s society.

Many people may ask why the increase in plastic surgeries in young teens. The answer is

a simple one, the pressures of society have made it acceptable for parents to seek out ways

for their children to feel better about their appearance. Most of the parents allowing

their children to have unnecessary cosmetic surgeries also have issues with their own

body appearance.

The increase in reality shows like Extreme Makeover where people go and have

multiple surgeries and change their whole appearance to look beautiful as to societies

standards. So You Want a Famous Face is another show which is on MTV, so it

targets a younger audience. The people go on and have cosmetic surgery to look like a

famous person. Swan, is another show where the person goes and has extensive cosmetic

surgeries to look beautiful because society has made them think they are not beautiful

enough to be something. The people who go on these shows have feeling of being

worthless because they fell they are not as beautiful as society standards so they go and

have multiple surgeries at one time to change there whole outer shell. This is a problem

because these people are wonderful people but think they are not because they don’t look

like the beautiful people you see everyday on television.

When we are small children it starts as girls we are given Barbie dolls to play with

this long legged skinny doll that models how society says we should look. Barbie

could not possibly play sports she has if she could even walk her body in apportioned

and has not body fat or buttocks. Little girls don’t know this and they think this is the

right way to look as a teen causing them to seek out ways to achieve this they turn to

cosmetic surgery. Most women suffer form lower self image than men. We are all raised

with media, dolls, and parents who place high expectations of perfection on our lives.

We strive to look beautiful by seeking cosmetic surgery to make us perfect.

A person of course wants to be the best among their peers. A way to do this these

days are to have plastic surgery. In order to shape your body to be perfect it has become

acceptable to have a nip here or a tuck there instead of working hard and obtain this

through exercise. People have seen celebrities have surgeries to create a more perfect

form. So now more people seek out these surgeries to improve their appearance in front


People often have cosmetic surgery for one of two major reasons or both of them;

those are curing natural deformities and improving their appearance. Such a kind of

surgery should not be an easily associable one for many people for several reasons.

Cosmetic surgery if done once, twice maybe three times cannot be lived without. Over


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