Cosmetic Surgery

Topics: Surgery, Plastic surgery, Hospital Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: May 7, 2011
The Negative and Positive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery
Are you considering cosmetic surgery? The numbers of individuals electing these surgeries are growing rapidly each year. Much of this rapid growth is because of advances in technology that have made plastic surgery techniques both safer and more affordable, as well as cutting down on recovery time. Cosmetic surgery improves body image and self-esteem and reconstructive surgery fixes irregularities such as hereditary disorders, birth defects, or other health issues. These surgeries are an extremely popular method to enhance self-esteem but there are risks an individual should know before having a surgical procedure. Although these surgeries have been practiced for years, they can be harmful and many individuals may expose themselves to an expensive addiction if they are not satisfied with the original results. However, these surgeries can be beneficial by positively shaping many aspects of patient’s lives especially if no complications arise. Although most individuals are largely unaffected by the risks and eager to obtain surgery, it is important to emphasize the negative and positive effect when considering surgery. Although all surgeries have certain risk factors, individuals considering surgery electively subject themselves to be at risk of certain medical and appearance conditions. It is important to be aware of any complications that may occur such as an adverse effect to anesthesia. For example, complications or risks of anesthesia include blood clots, stroke, and heart palpitations. Even though a certified surgeon will do their best to minimize any complications, patients should be aware of medical and appearance conditions that have the potential to occur. Since surgery involves altering the physical appearance, the surgeon will need to make alterations to the skin that may cause unwanted effects such as asymmetry or other irregularities. With any surgery risk scarring is...

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