Cosmetic industry

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– Each of these cosmetic companies is unique. They each offer something different to the industry; selling method, marketing strategy, product line, and distribution channel.

Practical implications
– The industry trends indicate that the future of cosmetics may move towards more joint ventures between drug companies, cosmetic companies and nutritional/food companies as cosmetic companies look for new ways to be innovative.

– The research provides an in‐depth business analyses of cosmetic industry using SWOT, Porter's value chain and five forces and financial with results obtained that are generalizable to the entire cosmetic industry. Projections on the future of cosmetic industry are also presented.

Reference : Comparative innovative business strategies of major players in cosmetic industry

Revlon sells through department stores, drug stores, etc. They do not rely heavily on independent sale representatives like Avon and Mary Kay

The company markets extensive consumer product lines at a range of retail prices primarily through the mass‐market distribution channel. For outside the USA, the company markets select premium lines through demonstrator‐assisted channels. The company's goal for its marketing strategy is to create a uniform global image for all of its product portfolios, particularly for the core brands (Revlon Annual Report, 2002).
The company also distributes unique marketing materials such as the “Revlon Report”, which highlights the seasonal fashion and color trends that link to the company's products associated with those trends. The report also includes coupons, rebate offers, and other promotional material to encourage consumers to try the company's products. Other marketing materials designed to introduce the company's newest products are: the point‐of‐sale testers on the company's wall; magazine inserts; and “shade samplers”, collections of trial‐size products in different shades.
In addition to these

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