Cosmetic Argument

Topics: Surgery, Plastic surgery, Reconstructive surgery Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 12, 2011
For skeptics of cosmetic surgery
Argument over cosmetic procedures about the risks and benefits. Does cosmetic surgery make individuals feel confident about themselves? Although the economy is just beginning to rebound consumers feel more open about spending money on cosmetic surgery. Justifiable reasons for these surgical procedures wanting to change their appearance, peer pressure and bullying, and even low cost procedures. Cosmetic surgeries are procedures that alter the appearance of parts of the body. Supporters of cosmetic procedures believe they have enhanced their self image, while non believers feel that these surgeries only mutilate the body. Images portrayed on television, movies, magazines, and the internet convey a need for consumers to look a particular way. Men and women go under the knife to look beautiful, and to raise their self confidence. Emotional well being effects how people feel about their appearance. “ We can all agree that Heidi Montag has some mental issues, given her obsession with plastic surgery….” Individuals worry about what other people look like, so it gives them an opportunity to image the same. Teens are becoming more open to cosmetic procedures as well. They are more willing to enhance their image to boost self confidence related to peer pressure and bullying. “ Teens today face much stronger pressures to look good than in the past.” Most teens self confidence is decreased by bullying of their appearance from others. There are many risks for having cosmetic surgery, and some can be irreversible. There are physicians’ while unlicensed that perform these procedures at a lower cost but at a greater risk to the patient. “ Numerous stories of cosmetic surgery patients who have died because the doctor’s office did not have the right equipment that was needed to save their lives.” Do not go for the cheap procedures , it...
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