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“[hesitantly] This is an unusual position for me…I directed some plays at university…and, well…this is my first year out.” P7

“In a way you’re sort of testing yourself by coming here?” (Julie to Lewis p32)

“Make a decision Lewis between going to the moratorium meeting or staying here.”

“I’m not going to let them down.” P70

“Love is not so important nowadays.” P10
“Without love the world wouldn’t mean much.” P70

“Working with these people has changed you.” (Lucy to Lewis)

“He loves the theatre apparently. A great enthusiast when he gets going. He has his down periods like a lot of people, but he’s your support, your natural energiser.” Justin to Lewis about Roy P3

“Without this opera having been composed, there would be just a clanging, banging, a bedlam all around us.” P13

“I aim for the stars, Jerry, is that such a bad thing?” p15

“Love is what you feel when you don’t have enough emotion left to hate…Hate is a pure emotion.”

“What did I tell you? Asylums are the most inefficient places on this earth.”

“I had a dream, Jerry…a world that was as far removed from this depressing asylum as possible.” P63 (P64 for childhood reference)

“What have I done now?”p7

“Let’s do a rock musical. A nude, a tribal, let’s make love not war, man, rock opera.” P15

“Don’t blame me, blame my mother.” P23

“Do I make you nervous? I have a problem with my social mores.”

“This theatre would have burnt like a real beauty. [A beat] My motto is to try and try again.”p85

“Bit shy old Henry. Part of this project is to bring out people like Henry.” (Justin to Lewis p4)

“Look, Henry, you’re a failure, as a human being and as a lawyer. Cosi offers you a chance to do something successful at least once in your dismal life.” (Roy p27)

“My fffffather fought in the war for you. For you and ffffor me. He was a ggggreat man. You are traitors.” P47

“I ffffelt like it.” P57

“I like doing theatre, even though it’s my first time…I like it because I’m doing something…Getting out of my ward. God, how I hate that ward.” P36

“See, I’m happy coming to this burnt out theatre.” P36

“…not to be on drugs, whatever sort, is like being in limbo for me. Drugs made me feel sort of living.” P37

“…there’s no such thing as divine madness, madness is just madness.” P61

“Love is hallucinating without drugs.”p61

“I don’t like men’s double standards. I guess men want women to deceive them because it’ll prove their worst thoughts about women.”

“I’m a naturally addictive personality.”

“Beautiful stuff…felt like mercury.”

“I need something stable in my life. I need my girlfriend.”p87

“This is the best part isn’t it? Not having to eat lunch in a ward. But in a theatre!” p20

“With someone like you I could be true and faithful.” (To Lewis) p34

“Kiss him again and I’ll break your fuckin’ arm.” (To Julie) p68

“I can’t stand real things. If I could put up with reality I wouldn’t be in here.” P62

“A lower dosage. It’s amazing how much more bright the world seems.” P62

“ I’m not going to sing a song that’s not word perfect. You don’t want me to make a fool of myself, do you?” p13

“I can live with illusion as long as I know it’s illusion.” P26

“Comedy is better when it’s real.” P61

“I hate goodbyes. So when the others come out, tell them I’m waiting outside counting the stars.”

“She’s into politics. She hates talk about love. She thinks it’s icky…She hates me doing an opera about love and fidelity while thousands of Vietnamese are being killed by American troops.” (Lewis about Lucy)P33

“He’s doing a play that’s relevant and he’s doing something about the war in Vietnam.” (Lucy about Nick) p70

“You’ve always mistaken lust for love.” (Lucy to Lewis)

“I have sex with him and sleep with you.” (Lucy to Lewis) p71

“We used to talk about important things.” (Lucy to Lewis).

“Love is an emotional indulgence...
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