Cosi Fan Tutte

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How does Nowra’s portrayal of the relationship between Lewis and his world move us to a deeper understanding of acceptance? In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text.

Relationships between an individual and the world around them can be hard to establish. Acceptance is a hard concept to maintain and many individuals feel that they can’t get to the level needed. This is evident through analysis of the play ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ by Louis Nowra. The play depicts the life of Lewis, a director in a mental institution, and shows the strengths he must go to in order to be accepted.

When the group an individual is associated with doesn’t accept them, this may cause them to feel unwanted and unable to move forward in life. In the play ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ Louis Nowra is unable to fit in or show leadership within the mental institution. This is displayed through the characters vulgar language “Couldn’t direct a poofter to a man’s dunny.” The use of inhibited directness in “poofter” shows the character of Doug doesn’t know how to act around ‘sane’ people and this directness of the word ‘poofter’ shows the groups’ truthful feelings toward Lewis. This is further emphasised by humour in “For killing an actor he’d get life, for killing a director he’d get eternal gratitude.” Roy’s criticism toward Lewis is evident throughout the entire play, and causes Lewis to feel degraded and put down. When an individual begins to come to terms with the cards they’ve been dealt, they may move forward in not only their career, but also their initial self.

The self-reflective aspects of an individual to find their true self compels them to come to terms with their strengths and weaknesses. Lewis’ self-discovery in ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ is brought on by his failing relationship with his girlfriend, Lucy. Lewis’ initial feelings about love were in reflection of Lucy’s views “Love is not so important nowadays.” These feelings are then discouraged as Lewis finds out who he...
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