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TEXT RESPONSE JOURNAL- Death of a salesman, Cosi & The lot

The Lot – Michael Leunig

1. In ‘Hello, welcome to our drought’, Leunig is trying to make clear that we should not crush our individual reality; more so we should accept and embrace in our differences. Leunig expresses this by linking a new born foal with “a spectacular birthmark” with such “freshness and beauty” to the words “artificial appearances”. Leunig discusses the truth about the regulations we must abide by to be ‘accepted’ in our groups. Leunig represents this theme through a drought that ‘shrivels eggs’ and holds a sense of ‘brokenness’. By referring to the birth of a unique foal as a fresh bud bursting in the drought, it is basically symbolising true beauty, because our world today is much like a drought; dry and empty.

2.It is quite simple for Leunig to comprehend the uniqueness and power he must hold to be successful. To cope with “hate mail” in receiving “sympathetic smiles and to be uninvited to the talk shows purely due to the fact that his views are seen as too ethical and wrong would be hard to manage, however Leunig seems to have developed a hard outer shell. Leunig advises potential future cartoonists that if you wish to achieve your goals within this career to “stop trying to be attractive” and to “stay away from the inner circle.” It is implied by Leunig that you have to dare to be different because every person sees the world differently to others and that there is no reason not to voice how you observe it. There are quite clearly moments of weakness in Leunig’s writing when he expresses the feelings of “lonely and sadness.” Overall Leunig seems to have the confidence that is required for the cartoonist career.

3.The perspective that Leunig has on the war is reasonable logical. Leunig states that “no nation can go to war a sufficient reserve of hatred cruelty…. Concreted in its general population.” It is quite reasonable to state that Leunig’s statement is...
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