COS 101 WA1

Topics: Personal computer, Calculator, Smartphone Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Chapter 1 Review Questions
2. What is the most important difference between a computer and a calculator? a. Computers contain a programmable microprocessor that understands data, which helps, make important decisions. A calculator can only be used to perform numerical mathematical calculations.

3. How are computers today similar to those from World War II? How are they different? a. The similarity between computers of WWII and today is that they computed large data and removed the human error factor. b. Computers of today are more reliable, smaller in size, faster, more efficient and cost effective, then computers of WWII. .

4. The way people use the Internet has changed since the early days. How? a. In the early days, the Internet was primarily used by researchers, academics, and government officials, to transfer files and exchange what is now called e-mails. Today, the internet is readily available to just about anyone, anywhere at anytime.

7. Is a smart phone a computer? Explain your answer.
a. Yes, smartphones are considered computers. Smartphones, work just like desktop computers, but on a smaller scale. They but information that use to be available only by utilizing a computer literally in the palm of user’s hands.

8. What types of applications are particularly well suited for handheld devices? What common applications are particularly well suited for PCs?

a. Nowadays, the same applications that are available on a PC is available on a handheld device. Actually, there are more applications available for handheld devices than there are for PC’s. For instance, there are more communication apps for smart phones than there are for PC’s. Handheld devices also have more applications for the handicap, allowing them to be more mobile and independent. b. Databases are a type of application that is well suited for PC’s. As well as Graphic and image processing. Programming and customized problem solving is also best suited for...
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