Cory Aquino

Topics: Corazon Aquino, Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: July 18, 2010
Cory Aquino
Restored democracy, supported the Filipino entrepreneurs

The recent death of the former president Corazon C. Aquino has made us reminiscent of her major contribution in bringing back the democracy in our country. It was the democracy that we almost lost during the martial law era under the leadership of former Ferdinand Marcos. Her role in bringing back the democracy has carried along some other things. One of this is the flourishing of capitalism back in our economic system.

According to, capitalism cannot flourish without democracy. As mentioned in their article, Entrepreneurs for a free nation: Salamat President Cory, that democracy, as a form of government; and capitalism, an economic system, are facing the same battle of self-determination. Self determination, meaning in both systems, the individual is given the right to choose. For democracy, to choose the direction of the country by way of voting; and for capitalism, to choose where to invest and reap his/her own rewards or consequences. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs are thankful of her; because the flourishing of capitalism is made possible by brining back the democracy in our country.

Though the president has not been known for running her own business or becoming an entrepreneur, she has shown a lot of qualities for becoming one. First and most evident of all is her leadership. She was able to influence and bring the Filipinos together to a single goal, which is one of the qualities of a good manager. She also managed to stick to her goal, to restore democracy in our country, even if she has encountered a lot of difficulties along the way; such as several coup attempts against her government. She has persevered despite all of the challenges that she encountered. Though the former president grew up in a prominent family, she was raised in learning values such as hard work and frugality from her parents and grandparents. These can also be considered as...
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