Corwin Corporation
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1) What were the major mistakes made by Corwin Corporation?
Inappropriate handling of the Peters project and improper project selection process.
They went for a new product development project that does not fit within Corwin’s conservative business perspective.
Even though Corwin Corporation had a product selection policy defined, they did not evaluate the request from Peters, in line with the policy. If Corwin Corporation had followed its policy guidelines, the project might never been accepted.
Another major mistake is Corwin Corporation had agreed for a fixed price contract. Peters project was able to provide only rough draft specifications, which are of high risk for change. Therefore, Peters project should not have fit into the fixed price criteria.

2) Should Corwin have accepted this project? Why or why not?
Corwin Corporation should not have accepted Peters Project. Initially, Corwin Corporation had rejected the Peters project but changed their decision because there are some financial incentives are involved. As mentioned in the above question, Corwin Corporation had not formally evaluated their decision-making before accepting the project.

3) Should the shortness of the proposal preparation time have required more active top management involvement before the proposal was submitted to the Peters Company? Why or why not?
After the acceptance of the contract, most managerial staff distanced themselves, which jeopardized the project from the initial phase.

4) None of the executives expressed concern when Dr.Reddy said, “I would never have assigned him (West) as project leader.” How do you account for the executives’ lack of concern?
Dr. Reddy had expressed his concern because he had thought that West is having ability in handling only internal projects rather than external projects. Nevertheless, he went ahead and said that he will support Mr. West. Royce had expressed the same concern but Dr. Reddy hadn’t shown any concern about that.

5) Explain Dr.

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