Topics: Chevrolet Corvette, Hardtop, Car body style Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 18, 2002
The Corvette From Beginning To Future

The corvette was first introduced in January 1953. To experiment with the car, they only made 300 cars, which were all made by hand and powered by a 235-cubic-inch 6-cylinder engine. The corvette was designed to show the world that General Motors could make a sports car that was a stylish two seater. All 1953 corvettes were polo white with red interiors. The engine of the car generated 150 horsepower and had a 2-speed power glide automatic transmission. Researchers have found that the first corvette has been known to go over 150 miles per hour. In 1956 the corvette received its first major styling update. The major changes are an all-new body style with "scooped out" sides, outside door, handles, roll up windows, and an optional removable hardtop. By this time many corvettes were offered in different colors such as white, red, yellow, and black. Another major change was in 1990 when the ZR-1 was made with 375 horsepower and a LTS5 engine under its hood. To help the appearance of the ZR-1 stand out from the standard corvette coupes, it was given all new convex rear fascia and quad rectangular taillights. All of the new corvettes were made with a new cockpit design that included digital readouts and analog gauges plus a driver's personal air bag. Due to the redesigning of the corvette, the horsepower of the standard L98 engine was increased to 250. Shortly after this change, it under went a styling refinement that included a wrap-around front parking/ cornering lamps, new side-panel louvers and a ZR-1 convex rear fascia on all models. To make the corvette look better its center high-mounted stop lamp remained on the roof, while it was integrated into the rear fascia on both the coupe and convertible. The new 2002 convertible has come along way since the first corvette in 1953. It now has many options for how you want the exterior of your car to be. For example you can now choose if you want fog lamps, or/and body side...
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