Corus Case Study Draft

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Corus Case Study


➢ Corus businesses.
➢ Market, Steel
➢ CCI needs to differentiate itself from the competitors in order to grow in the business.

Model of Planned Organizational Change (Pg 336)

Forces for Change:

External: Low cost of Steel
Internal: Lack of Capital for a Green field site

Need for Change:

➢ CCI needs to differentiate itself from the competitors in order to grow in the business. ➢ They need to concentrate on the process improvements in order to get the best out of the existing infrastructure. ➢ Performance Gap (Disparity between existing and desired performance levels. ➢ SWOT (if possible ????????????)

Implementing the Change:

Vision of the company

“We aspire to be the world steel industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship.”

Value creation

Corus differentiates itself through innovation and delivering leading edge solution from its competitors for company’s growth. Steel industry is the big market. The raw material is inexpensive. In order to standing out from the crowd, Corus add value creation by offering premium products and services. They used TQM, continuous improvement and KPI to create value and meet customer satisfaction.

Corporate citizenship

Corus trains its workers on how to act with a sense of responsibility, integrity and respect. They provide knowledge how the production flow and how to eliminate cost and waste. This can help Corus to work effective, reduce unnecessary cost, on the other hand, this process is also concern about environment as well.

Work Culture

Team work is one of the key factors in Corus. Manager coordinated with 40 Coaches for facilitating improvement training. Corus believes that success is from emerges from the person engagement with the company, not just depend on employees’ expertise and effort. It In order to create engagement, Corus...
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