Corruption: Sociology and Semi Public Institutions

Topics: Sociology, Society, Political corruption Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: October 28, 2013
The role of student or any other civic minded individuals would be to act as a check and balance on public or semi public institutions that they are maintaining adequate 'good governance'. Good public or semi public institutions that they are maintaining adequate 'good governance'. Good Governance would best be described as acting in the interest of the entities that they are entrusted to manage/ look after. So a student would be best placed to check view and assess whether these individuals are acting in their personal self interest or in the interest of the bodies that they are purporting to supervise.

Youth told to be bold enough to take on challenges faced by country “Students should strive to eradicate corruption, because it has been a stumbling block hampering the country’s onward march. It is in your hands to eradicate corruption to transform society to enable it attain socio-economic development,” E. Balagurusamy, Former Member, Union Public Service Commission, said here recently. Delivering the graduation day address of Nehru Arts and Science College, he said that though the Central Government had launched many welfare schemes for the uplift of the downtrodden, most of these failed to reach the target group because of rampant corruption. Though the country was bestowed with a vast pool of skilled manpower and natural resources, the people of the country were not happy. Graduates accounted only for 10 per cent of the country’s population, while the number of illiterates stood at 40 crore. More than 80 crore people lived below the poverty line. The country was besieged by evils like social inequalities and casteism. “There is no dearth of IT professionals, mathematicians and science scholars in our country. But we have not achieved anything worth the name. Therefore, the youth of today should be bold enough to take on the challenges faced by the country,” Mr. Balagurusamy said. Though education could be used to gain money, it alone could not ensure...
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