Corruption of the Media

Topics: Democratic Party, President of the United States, Bill Clinton, United States House of Representatives / Pages: 4 (785 words) / Published: Oct 9th, 1999
Today, more than ever the media plays a pivotal role in the ways in which Americans think and what they believe. Media can influence the masses in a number of different ways. Without the media it would be virtually impossible for the typical American citizens to be informed of today's events. But information is not always the media's goal. In fact, it rarely is. Many Americans feel that they can form opinions on there own. But, unknowingly opinion's are formed simply by what paper gets delivered to your door or what channel you watch. The views of the president are greatly affected by the media due to the overwhelming amount of coverage by every form of media.

Upon watching various newscasts and reviewing articles printed in various newspapers, it is obvious that news is not filled facts but is more likely to be filled with opinions. The ideas and actions of the president can either be applauded or booed depending on which station you turn to. For instance, Bill Clinton's view on the Republican's tax cut proposal has faced much scrutiny from the media. The debate over this issue has been hotly contested. The Chicago Tribune has widely discussed the reasons for Bill Clinton's refusal of this proposal. But in tracking this issue it has been shown that this paper rarely gives a Republican viewpoint discussing their reasons for proposing these tax cuts. No more than a tiny blurb at the end of end of an article is given to show the Republican side of this issue. On the other hand, The National Review, which is openly called America's Conservative magazine, attacks Clinton's decision and by saying that due to the multitrillion dollar surplus Americans deserve this tax break.

Another recent issue that has received many different views was Clinton's clemency offer to 16 hispanic prisoners. The National Review immediately blasted Clinton for offering clemency to these prisoners because of their involvement in terrorist bombings. The magazine showed

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