Corruption in Sudan

Topics: Sudan, Khartoum, Southern Sudan Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Sudan is the largest country in Africa and according to the bureau of African Affairs it’s Capital city is Khartoum with the population of 1.4 million. Other cities like Omdurman have 2.1 million, Port Sudan have a total population of 450,000. Kassala, Kosti, Juba are the capital of southern region. People from the country are called Sudanese and 2009 in July Population was 41,087,825: 2.143%.There are two ethnic groups namely : Arab/Muslim, theses group of people live on the northern part of the country and black African or Christian on south. There are also two types of religion, Islam (official), indigenous beliefs (southern Sudan), Christianity. There are also many languages like Arabic which is official, English also official, tribal languages. Education in Sudan is compulsory for some years,8 Attendance(35%-40%). Literacy level is 61.1. This country’s main natural resources include reserves of oil, gold, natural gas copper, iron ore and other industrial metals. Sudan got its independence on January 1, 1956 and the type of government they operate is the provisional government which was established by the comprehensive peace Agreement (CPA) and signed in January 2005. This offers power sharing as far as the national elections takes place. The national election took place starting from April, November 2010. Sudan became the largest debtor to the World Bank and IMF by 1993 this resulted to the suspension of their voting rights by IMF and withdrawals under operative and fully expended loans and credit by the World Bank. It was also said that “extensive petroleum exploration began in mid1970’s and might cover all of Sudan’s economic and energy needs”. This year according to martin ” Sudan may need as much as $1.5billion of foreign aid a year and plans 2 slash government spending by a quarter as it faces budget difficulties due to its recent split into two countries, its finance minister said” and according to...

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