Corruption in Cry, the Beloved Country

Topics: Corruption, Political corruption, Girl Pages: 4 (1201 words) Published: January 7, 2006
Corruption in Cry, the Beloved Country

Corruption plagues society. It is the agony of the people, the crying of the land, the discord of society, and the mourning of the individual. Even the most elite of charitable people struggle to elude its all-ensnaring grasp. Those brave individuals who attempt to overthrow corruption are often left broken and devastated. Corruption is denoted as a lack of integrity or honesty, or to ruin, taint, or contaminate ones morality. In the novel Cry, the Beloved Country, this epidemic is rampant in almost all facets of life. Alan Paton, the author, suggests that an effective way to rid the land of this terrible disease would be to dispose of the infected parts or aspects and rebuild them completely without any contaminated attributes.

Problems in the home and family can cause corruption. Quarrels or disagreements in the family cause individuals in that family to rebel and desire to leave home. Other occurrences, such as change in various fields, may also cause members of the family to desire to leave as well. When one leaves home, it is easy to be corrupted by the lack of knowledge and experience of how to take care of himself. This is the story for Kumalo's beloved sister and son. Neither of them has experience of how to manage themselves and end up going the corrupted way. Gertrude ends up prostituting herself because she is not trained in any skill or talent. Absalom, instead of going to school, goes to Johannesburg and, since he lacks talents, resorts to robbery and crime to survive.

Lack of knowledge and experience is not the only cause of corruption. Laziness or idleness can also be a huge factor in corruption. It is part of the human nature to be lazy and take the easiest route. When a difficult task is set before someone, he or she naturally tries to find the easiest way around, therefore doing less work. This is very much the case with Gertrude. Instead of learning new skills, she opts to sell her body in...
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