Corruption in America

Topics: Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures, Homosexuality, Pride parade Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: August 27, 2006
Do you sometimes think that the rules and laws in America aren't fair? If you do, listen carefully. America is a great country with many freedoms, but some people like to "work the system" or break the law, in the law, so to speak. That is mainly thanks to the first amendment, which basically says we can do anything we want with religion, speech, press, assemblies, petition the government, and so on. Our government shouldn't be so lenient. We should get rid of all the cults and gangs. The only way to change these ways is to petition the government into changing these things. So, if you think the same as me, help by turning some of the many wrongs of this country into rights!

There is now corruption in almost every city in America. Now, immoral behaviors are adored and even respected! Homosexuality is accepted and practically encouraged. What happened to the traditional family morals that have been followed for the last several thousand years, such as honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility? In the U.S. people used to try to do more than expected and try very hard in everything. Now, people are so lazy and try to slide past life doing the bare minimum and don't put any effort into anything that has to do with an evil word to them, called WORK. Plus, people have become so wrapped up in all the freedoms of America that they abused it and said, "Hey, it's not against the law to date another man/woman. So, why not do it?" Uhhhh, IT IS WRONG!

Now, people are ready to jump up and defend homosexuality without an actual self or family oriented opinion, just repeating all the garbage they here in the media. The most declared defensive statement for homosexuality is, "How does it affect you?" Well, it is morally wrong. It makes me sick just to think about it, and it makes me embarrassed to say I'm part of a country that allows such outrageous behaviors. Being gay is a crime and all homosexuals should have to go to jail like any other terrorist. Basically all the...
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