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various quarters for a budget that has quadrupled in the last seven years to a government panting to meet deadlines, not to mention public inconvenience. While the Commonwealth Games haven't even started, many are already looking forward to their end. The country no longer seems to be enjoying its status as the next Games venue, rather, worrying more about how the expenditure will burden a common man's pocket. So, is hosting the event a waste of national money?

Does India really need mega sports events like Commonwealth Games? Why do we allow our corrupt politicians, who also happen to control most of sports federations, to waste taxpayers' money worth thousands of crores on such events in which people hardly have interest? Will Commonwealth Games help Indian sports and sportspersons in the long run? Can a brief event of no major significance at global level help improve image of a large ancient nation like India? Delhi Government is planning to throw out all beggars and poor street vendors to project the capital as a 'world class city'. But can we hide widespread poverty, hunger and illiteracy from the world? And, for how long? Wouldn't it be better if the taxpayers' money was utilised in improving the living standard of millions of poor of Delhi and the rest of India?

is it a waste of money or not ? decide urslf by reading this.. By: harsh
Replied on: Thursday, November 11, 2010 | Report Abuse
originally planed a 30000crore event went on to become a 70000crore event...the money spent could have been used to develop 7000 villages into modern cities vid all infrastructure.. n who's money was it ?? the ministers money ? NO !!!!!! it was my money ! and your money ! and all the taxpayers money !!! it was the terrible misuse of taxpayers money ! n most of the money was'nt used for the game !! it was gulped down by corrupt ministers like the bloody suresh kalmadi !! has indian sports really improved by winning the hundreeds of medals ?? you decide.. the money could have been used to build sports complexes and stadiums in small cities and villages to extract tallent !! and all of us know wat tallent is hidden in here ! ever seen a real para football match ? ever seen d passion for cricket in some youngsters whu can b equal or even better dan sachin tendulkar !!! but who cannot afford to become profesionals... these r the lallents wich if properly extracted (wich wud hav been very much possible vith d 70000crore rs. used) no one can stop india from reaching the zenith of success in sports !!!!!! think upon dis..

shame for fame
By: Saba
Replied on: Monday, November 01, 2010 | Report Abuse
India's corrupt's do not even waste one chance of making India shameful. It's so awful that inspite of knowing India's condition these corrupts wasted crore's of money in organising the commonwealth games which was a waste.They could have either used this money to give a better livelihood to the poor or by improving India's infrastructure.

volunteers should boycott commonwealth games
By: Poonam Solanki
Replied on: Saturday, August 14, 2010 | Report Abuse
I am ashamed of the way Indian officials and politicians have made a mess of the commonwealth games preparations. Every day newspapers bring out resports of corruption and malpractices by the Games organisers and government officers responsible for building needed infrastructure.

Indian citizens were given assurances that Commonwealth Games would enhance the prestige of the nation at the global level. As things stand today, whole world is keenly watching how widespread corruption is in India and how an indifferent government is taking its poor citizens for a ride.

Sucking Wealth of Common People
By: Jagmohan Tyagi
Replied on: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | Report Abuse
The Meaning for Common Wealth Games has been changed for common people as "Sucking Wealth of Common People and govt. is playing Game".

Common Wealth - A false claim of...
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