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The cancer of corruption has afflicted each and every domain of our lives. It stems from the desire to make fast and easy buck. What others earn in their life-time,I will earn within a year.

Too many government rules and regulations, wide powers given to bureaucracy and authority excercised on administration by political leaders can be attributed as main sources of corruption in our country. At present India ranks 94th in corruption index in the world. But if corruption remains unchecked a day is not far when India will rank among 25 most corrupt nations of the world. Below is the list of Causes of corruption in India

Below is the list of
Causes of corruption in India
1. Low Pay scales: Most of the employees in government sector are paid low wages and salaries. Hence some employees revert to corruption for more financial benefits.
2. Low Job opportunities. This is another cause of corruption. Due to lack of job opportunities at will, there are many people who like to go for corruption mode to get the job offer. They will be ready to pay lump some amounts for the job offer to the higher officials or politicians. 3. Lack of Strict and fast punishments: Even if some one is found guilty or even caught red-handed by the anti-corruption officials or media, the convicts get less punishment. First they will be suspended for few months or weeks and then re-posted to another location with same Job grade and pay. So this means the official who did the corrupt practice is given a free licence to continue his practice.

4. Lack of ill fame: If a person is found to be corrupt or has done some unacceptable misconduct, he or she has to be avoided and not be respected.
5. Lack of Unity in public: Public openly criticize corruption but interestingly there is no unity among the public to stop corruption. If a person wants to get his done his work, he gets it done by corruption means if possible and then later criticizes the corrupt official. During election, politicians try to lure the people by offering money and other things. If these politicians win and get power, they try to regain 10 to 100 times the amount spent for their elections.

6. Lack of transparency in affairs and deals: Many seat selection processes like in education, contracts for job, employee income reports etc lack transparency. For this purpose, there is a
new act namely RTI : right to information, but the act is not strong enough to prevent malpractices.
7. Lack of Independent detective agency: India has no independent detective agency which can investigate with full power and freedom to expose the corrupt individuals. The existing agencies like Central Bureau of investigation are named by the highest court of Indian judicial system as a parrot which indicates how free these investigating agencies to work. Hence any one who commits offence will not be so afraid of the investigation as they can escape from it by taking help of ruling political party. 8. Option of many political parties: In India anyone can establish a political party. So there are many political parties in India. If the political party wins, then the members in it will desire to expand the party to all over the country. To do so, they need enough financial reserves. For this, once they come into power, they opt for corrupt means to make the wealth needed to expand the party. 9.Lack of enough powers to the judicial system and other independent organisation. Like the election commission cannot ban a politician from contesting in case they make a mistake or do not comply with the rules during election campaign Similarly,

the judicial system has low options to punish some one who is found to be 10. Lack of accountability: In government there is a big trend of corruption. This is because of lack of accountability. The employee’s on government offices do not perform to their par excellence. If they...
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