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 Pride but No Glory
May 9th, 2013
Section # 42037, Hybrid
Dr. Oliver M. Thompson

Pride and Glory what a good name for a movie that represents the great NYPD and all they stand for. I just want to first state that the movie was very good and very entertaining. It showed a different side of the police force at hand and how corrupt police officers would be thinking during something like this. I’m sure the true meaning behind this movie was not a mash on the police department of the NYPD but as I have learned not just through this class but through other experiences is people take things in different perspective and influence is very powerful. What do I mean by this? I mean as I went through blogs online about the movie there were several people who think that many of the precincts in New York City are corrupt. Now I’m sure there is corruption in the New York police system but you know what, it’s everywhere as well. Not just New York. Blogging is a new system online now for people to put down their thoughts and feeling about things and it’s a very depressing thing to read sometimes. Every blog that I read there are some people who appreciate the topic but for the most part there are more people that hate the topic and just want to trash it. An example would be the Nashville Tennessee flooding. I read some blogs on the yahoo website and so many people on there were complaining on how the government is getting more involved and that there should be more people trying to help this city. In high site, it takes a lot more strategy and time to come up with a plan for this type of situation. The community just goes off what they read in headings and articles and that’s what throws them off into hating the system.

I use the blogging as a source because in some cases it may be useful but in other and most cases the community is responding to a topic that has happened or will happen and turn it into so many different views and opinions. This isn’t helpful for a newbie to the blog who is reading everyone else’s views to try and understand what is going on and all of a sudden that newbie gets one sided like everyone else because of false accusations. I did a small survey on the “Pride and Glory” movie. Just some questions such as, 1) do you feel this movie is a good form of information on corruption in police departments? 2) After seeing the movie does your mind wonder about the police system? 3) Do you believe police corruption is just in New York City? 4) Why do you feel corruption exist?

My survey gave me some good responses and were the responses I thought I would get’s was also able to get twenty people to take it. For question one I had eight people say yes the corruption in the movie was a good source to how police corruption may be ran in the system and for the other twelve people they all said no. for question number two I had twelve out of the twenty say they do wonder about the police system sometimes. Some of the people also added that they do wonder but not all of the police systems are corrupt. The other eight just said they don’t feel that their system here in Moreno valley is corrupt, one individual actually stated that her husband is a police officer and she is friends with most of the officers and she knows for a fact that none of them are corrupt. I find that funny because in the movie the families did not know of their behavior until the end. For question three I had fifteen people state no and the other five said yes. I was shocked on those five individuals. I didn’t really know how to respond to them, I thought for sure everyone would have said no. question four I had several different responses but the majority said corruption is from a messed up system. So basically the police department doesn’t know how to run their department.

My survey was good to do in this case and it really showed me how certain people in the community can be so...

References: 1) Movie; Pride and Glory
2) Internet;
3) Survey; questioned twenty people about movie
4) Interviewer; Step brother. Detective in the homicide department
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