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Before we discuss about corruption in Indonesia, first we must know what corruption itself is. In a common view, corruption is misused money which causes a deficit for the country itself. But, corruption itself has a broader meaning beside that, corruption itself come from the word “corrupt” which also mean defective. A misused of power can also be a definition of corruption. Based from oxford dictionary, corrupt has a meaning of “having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain”.

Corruption in Indonesia is already going from Ir. Soekarno era. Even though Ir. Soekarno is well known as a great leader and a great orator, he ever did a corruption which caused him to be overthrown from his era in Indonesia. Corruption which he did is proclaiming himself as a lifetime President of Indonesia. Based on the previous constitution of Indonesia, this action is defying the constitution itself where Republic of Indonesia first is proclaimed as a Republic, and by changing into having a single leader for a lifetime means that Indonesia won’t be a Republic anymore, but Indonesia become a capitalism country. Indonesia have law number UU 31/1999 and UU 8/2010 money laundering, its about the corruption and money laundering.

Based on World Justice Project Survey as I research, Indonesia placed in the 47th place among 65 other countries in the world which are researched, but in South East Asia, Indonesia placed as the first for the most corrupt country. The rating was ranged from 0 until 10, 0 for the worst and 10 as the most corruption-clear. Indonesia placed as the most corrupt country by point of 0.46 and it was followed by Philippine with the point of 0.5, the most corrupt-clear country in the South East Asia is Singapore with the point of 0.91. This research was involving 66,000 respondent and 2,000 experts.

The latest corruption news which discussed in the meantime is the bribing of 3 Bank State Enterprises. This corruption issue is disfiguring Indonesia in the worldwide. This case is showing that there is a misused of money for a certain party. In the media, it is written that 1,8 billion rupiah was spent for recreational need for a certain party. For sure, this is striking the Indonesia figure in the worldwide. How these corruption issues could still occur? These corruptions could happen because of the lack of awareness from the public itself. Indonesia is a republic type of government; therefore, public or people have the power to determine the way where Indonesia will be. Therefore, when a certain party could do corruption it is not all the fault of the party itself, but it is also the fault of the people where they didn’t care about it. For example, when a corruption occurs, it is done by more than 1 person. It means that, if at least one of them is still have the will to do the right thing, corruption itself won’t occur. What is the impact of corruption? The answer for this answer is simple, it’s in fact money loss, a very huge money loss indeed, if we sum up all the corruption in Indonesia, it could cover the entire loan which Indonesia take from the other country and make Indonesia develop rapidly. But, where is the money right now? The money itself already returned to the loan giver of Indonesia, where the corruptor uses it to please themselves. It was so terrible when we know about the reality of those corruptor.

The impact of corruption doesn’t only affect the financial but also it will affect the morale of Indonesian people itself. If one people do corruption, and the other sees it, what will they think? They will think that, working in government will give them more money, and this more money is coming from corruption. This kind of morale will ruin the good value which Indonesia was has. Indonesia was known for its good morale, and it was teach to the younger generation through the morale education lesson. However, if these things...
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