Corrupt Teens

Topics: Body image, Mental disorder, Body shape Pages: 5 (1457 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Isabela Caballero
Mr. Nunez
English 10A Honors
Period 4
14 November 2014
Skinny or Not, Here We Come
Teens, young children, and even female adults are hassled daily by the “perfect body” image. This issue is affecting women of all ages causing multiple mental and health problems. Major reasons for this dispute are social-medias, mothers, and peers. Teenage girls and other females are corrupt, believing they are full of imperfections, and only seeing the bad parts of them. At one point or another, almost all females begin to hate their bodies.

As a teen female, I have experienced insecurities with my own body. For many years, I had suffered, as I watch the thin, beautiful girls, knowing I could never look like them. Fortunately, I have many supporters in my life now that make me feel comfortable with my body and I want other girls to know they should not have to be diffident. Currently, there are help-lines, youth groups, and counseling available for all females. However, females of all ages should have access to these resources; there should be more support obtainable. For instance, all schools should create honorary clubs to bring awareness to the entire student body. For older females, larger counseling centers that focus on the issue of body image should be a priority. Literature Review

In “Skinny Sweepstakes,” the writer, Hara Estroff Marano, addresses the issue of the body image of teenage girls claiming the perfect body image dominates teens, who turn to disorders as a crutch. Marano states a fact that deprivation of mentoring adults weakens the young, causing them to become socially and emotionally fragile, and distressed with their bodies. This ethical claim demonstrates the rush of misery that come with anorexia, bulimia, alcohol, other drug abuse, and suicide. According to statistics, approximately 40% of females experience an eating disorder sometime during their college experience. Students compare themselves to their peers with the help of outside society and social media. The students fight for social acceptance, outweighing the body over the mind. Students search for a stable identity, creating a challenge for themselves. Kate Palmer, 17 years of age, shares as anecdote about her eating habits taking control of her life. Her academic pressure was intense, as she was class valedictorian until her father died and grief undertook her. Kate’s eating behaviors became the least complicated part of her life, and she created boundaries for her consumption. She grew into a new mindset of fewer calories meant less weight. Kate and her mother soon created competitions of who was thinner; it was a true weight obsession ruled by fear. Courtney Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, expresses her export opinion on young women pursuing perfection causing anxiety from negative comparisons. Martin takes concern in the rising rate of suicides from ages 10 to 14, which proves the achievement pressure anxiety and fat fear. Children cannot have these fears taken care of because anxiety has also caught parents.

In “Body Image at age 9,” the author, Nando Pelusi, Ph. D, target the issue of a 9 year old believing she is fat claiming she is too young to be comparing herself and may eventually grow out of this mentality. Pelusi articulates her expert opinion stating young children who are concerned with their body weight will more than likely outgrow their anxieties. Pelusi’s ethical advice is children are likely reacting to peer-pressure making themselves conscious of their bodies. Children who express their concern of their body image are not expected to have a true dysmorphic disorder. Pelusi also explains children that compare themselves to others lead to their negative outbursts. Young females see other girls at school or on TV and think, “She’s perfect, while I’m fat.” These kids need to develop self-acceptance and to challenge flawless body images. Nando Pelusi acknowledges the fact that young...
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