Correlation of Doctrine of Creation to Person of Christ

Topics: God, Holy Spirit, Theology Pages: 4 (1163 words) Published: August 11, 2010
How do you correlate your doctrine of creation and your doctrine of the person and work of Christ? How does this correlation inform and shape the character of relationships and leadership?

In communicating the correlation of individual doctrine, work of Jesus Christ, character of relationships and leadership several factors are required: summarizing the individual understanding of the doctrines of creation and person; describing an overview of personal perspective on the work of Christ; correlating the concepts of the doctrines and the work of Christ; and explaining the implications for the nature of relationship and leadership.

A synopsis of the individual view of the doctrine of creation begins with the individual understanding God created humankind in God’s own likeness with a purpose. Created as Imago Dei, the image of God, humankind received from God a blessing and approval to perform specific responsibilities. The human likeness refers not to a physical duplication of God, who is Spirit. Rather, the likeness is an expression of the human ability to participate in creation by, like God, having the ability to create coupled with the responsibility to care for other aspects of creation formed by God. God’s initial plan for humankind was to partner in the responsibility with God in the work of tending to creation and being in relationship one with another.

A summary of the individual understanding of the doctrine of person begins with acknowledging the existence of a dual relationship basis for which humans were created. The relationship may be described in terms of relationship with God and other humans. The personal relationship with God provides individuals with the freedom to choose to be in a mutual love-based relationship with God. Within in the realm of choice, as humans, we recognize God as the creator from whose likeness we were formed and acknowledge God as the Supreme Being upon whom we are dependent and to whom believers assent to...
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