Correlation Between the Chemical Activity of Amylase and Change in Temperature

Topics: Enzyme, Chemical reaction, Amylase Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Correlation between the chemical activity of Amylase and change in temperature

This experiment focuses on how the change of temperature affects the rate of reaction of amylase. In the experiment there were four different environments that each contained 2 test tubes. Each test tube consisted of the same concentration and amount of starch and amylase. After having each test tube placed in these environments for several minutes a droplets of each mixture was placed onto each slot which contained liquid solution of iodine. Each environment contained two different test tubes, one test tube was starch and the other was amylase. A droplet was placed in ten to thirty second intervals to see the different states of starch break up. When starch is present with iodine, the solution is a dark and transparent purple color, when there is less starch present the intensity of the color purple decreases. The the objective of this experiment was whether the change in temperature and the speed of reactivity of amylase is directly proportional or not. The hypothesis was with the increase in temperature there would be an increase in the speed of reactivity of amylase with starch. Results showed that with the increase in temperature there is an increase in the speed but after 37ºC the rate of reaction decreased. This proved that there is an optimum temperature point for the rate of reaction for amylase which was 37ºC.

Enzymes can effect the rate of reaction through catalysis. Enzymes help lower the activation energy required for a reaction which helps to speed the reaction that is taking place. With enzymes structure is key to the proper function of a cell. Enzymes such as amylase go through a catabolyic cycle, allowing the substrates to bind to the active site which is called an induced fit where the activation energy is lowered and the reaction is sped up(Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky, Jackson 2011). The substrate is then converted into the...
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