Corrections and Treatment

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August 10, 2012

Write a 200- to 300-word response in which you describe the distinctions between jails and prisons. Address the following in your comparison.

The differences between jails and prison are that jails are locally functioned short term imprisonment facilities initially constructed to grasp defendant’s subsequent capture and unresolved track. Prison is a habitation where sentenced criminals oblige time as sentence for violating the law is a comparatively new expansion in the conduct of criminals. Therefore, jails and prisons have important differences, and subsequently assist massively different purposes inside the criminal justice system. As already stated, jail is an imprisonment facility functioned by law local prosecution interventions to house prisoners for a many of reasons. Commonly, imprisonment in a jail survives less than a year. In the previous few time jails have progressed consequently enhanced circumstances for prisoners expending new expertise and administrations charms to harvest an additional flexible jail population (Schmallager 2011). The drive of a jail is to embrace individuals tangled in a capture, and is further probable faced near the establishment of the criminal justice development. The precise motives for imprisonment in jails differ extensively. Criminals might be waiting for an exact point, such as impeachment, trial, conviction, verdict, or conveyance to prison. Several jail inhabitants may have dishonored the parole or trial. If consequently orderly, certain may be attending a small term in jail as a verdict. Jails deliver impermanent protection quarters for urban and region law administration’s usage.

* Identify the four types of prisons.
* The four types of prisons are federal, municipal, military, and state. A federal prison is operated and managed by the government. Federal prisons generally house prisoners who have been sentenced of an existing misconduct in violation of a federal...
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