Topics: Prison, Penology, Prisoners' rights Pages: 4 (2182 words) Published: June 15, 2014
Topic: The negative consequences of imprisonment have been exaggerated. Task: Critically examine this statement by examining the negative and positive aspects of imprisonment.

The sanction of imprisonment is a last resort to be applied by the courts. Being sent to prison as an offender means that you are not currently fit to live in society in your current state. Consequences due to the sanction of imprisonment are vast and far reaching, with both positive and negative results with even more positive and negative bi products. Prisons are becoming overpopulated due to the increased of serious offences being committed by individuals, the community serves as an open prison for non custodial sentences, the ageing prison population needing special care to survive, the state government and expenditure on prisons, human right and prisoners rights being two separate matters and violence in prisons are all negatives of the prison system. The only substantial positive really worth mentioning is that prisons do keep dangerous off the streets and incapacitates them from doing any more physical harm to society and the general population.

Prison overpopulation is a huge negative of imprisonment as a sanction for a criminal offence. Granted that offenders are going to prison for reason, crimes that they have been convicted of committing, prisons are designed to hold a maximum number of prisoners comfortably and safely, whether it be 500 or 5000. This recommendation had been put in place again like the offenders going in for a reason. Overpopulating prison is not only going against recommendations, it makes for a much more hostile environment. Being overcrowded and not having a lot of personal already would make the inmates more jumpy, so the smallest misconceived action could create a volatile reaction in a prison. If the said prison was overpopulated, that is more inmates that can get involved in the altercation, creating a deadly situation for everyone. It isn't...
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